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Karrie Arthurs received her B.F.A. with distinction from the Alberta College of Art and Design in 2000. She had her first solo show entitled “Paper Weight” at the Christine Klassen Gallery in 2012. She continues to exhibit locally and internationally participating in solo, and group shows. Her work is found in numerous private collections such as that of Paul Hardy Design, in Calgary, Alberta. Karrie currently resides in Airdrie, Alberta, Canada with her two children. She is a practicing tattooer since 2001, and has a shop in Calgary, Alberta. Karrie is currently represented by the Christine Klassen Gallery in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

Karrie Arthurs’ beautiful draftsmanship shows a certainty of hand that has tattooed many bodies. What is interesting about her work is the depth of meaning she draws from the richly decorative iconography of tattoo culture. Her free-hand ink drawings tell new fables through anthropomorphism of deities. Victorian portraits are displayed with fading heads, and accompanied with haunting messages on scrolled banners; "Everything is Foreign". Religious icons such as saints and crosses intermingle in vignettes of plants, animals, and architecture. The works are drawn on antique papers, certificates, envelopes, and photographs bringing a unique look to the one-of-a-kind illustrations. Each work is deeply steeped in mystery and meaning, each has a different story to tell.


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